The new Nexus is here.

Google held a live event last week to for some important announcement and everyone expected to grab a look at the new Nexus device. Needless to say, Google did not disappoint.

In a suprising move, Google announced two nexus phones – the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P. The 6P is considered to be the flagship while 5X seems to be an improved version of Nexus 5. I’m going to cover the flagship 6P in this post.


Contrary to last year’s Nexus 6 that was built by Motorola, Google has switched manufacturers for the 6P with Huawei bagging the prize in for its first Nexus device.

The Chinese manufacturer has been slowly growing its presence in Western markets and will hope its Nexus project can help boosts its brand outside of Asia.

Google’s continuous efforts to capture  the mobile market have been evident. Last year’s Nexus 6 was a decent phone, but it had a few nags here and there. Will the Nexus 6P change that? Let’s find out.


One of the flaws in Nexus 6 was it’s big size and weight which made it a little uncomfortable for daily handling. Thankfully, Google and Huawei appear to have noticed this, and the Nexus 6P seems like a perfect fit.

The screen size has been changed from 5.96 inches to 5.7 inches, resulting in the device’s dimensions reduce in both width and thickness. This allows the Nexus 6P to sit more comfortably in the hand.

The round edges on the back allow it to curl up into your palm  easily. The all metal body gives the phone a very “Premium” look (6P…duh) and it definitely looks better than its predecessor. The front features a dual-speakers on both ends of the display while the back features a  round fingerprint reader named “Nexus Imprint”.

There is a bulge in the rear part featuring a black or grey strip(depending on device color) which houses the camera and flash.

The charging port has been switched to USB Type-C with fast charging and wireless charging features.


The 5.7-inch display looks shiny and colorful, and is extremely responsive under touch. The QHD resolution means everything is exceptionally sharp on screen, while the AMOLED technology makes colors bright and vibrant.The 2,560 x 1,440, 525ppi screen on the Nexus 6P can only be bested by Samsung’s S6.

It’s protected by Gorilla Glass 4, which should hopefully see it survive a number of knocks, which in turn is coated in fingerprint and smudge resistant, oleophobic – or oil-repellant – coating.


Google has made quite a fuss about the  12.3MP camera with Sony lenses, on rear of the Nexus 6P .

The new lens and sensor have improved the device’s indoor and low light quality, while Google maintains they’ll still do a decent job outdoors as well.

Over to the front ,the Nexus 6P provides you with an 8MP with HDR+, for some high quality selfie game


The Nexus 6P is running the latest version of  Android- 6.0 Marshmallow.

It has improved Google Now functionality, fingerprint scanning smarts, better battery life and ‘Now on Tap’, a sort of mini Google Now within apps.You can read more about Marshmallow here.

The device runs smoothly,thanks to the Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM, ensuring the handset has enough juice for high quality gaming and stuff.

Overall and Price

The Nexus 6P is a powerful, feature-packed smartphone with a premium design and fresh new operating system.

There are still a few doubts over the design in regards to the wide camera bulge on the rear, and it will be interesting to see how the camera holds up in tough conditions.

It’ll likely be too big for some, but for those looking for a smartphone with a lot of screen real estate, a wide range of features, premium finish and a price tag which undercuts some of the competition, the Nexus 6P is an exciting prospect.

The price varies according how much storage it has: the 32 GB model costs $499; the 64 GB version, $ 549; and the 128 GB model, $649.

Indian users might have to wait a few months for grabbing hold of the device expected to be priced at around 40k for the 32gb model.




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